Lately, dealing with a strained rotator cuff has opened up a space of thought and reflection. I’ve been reading through my old journal entries, and also hoping to resurrect some writing projects. As I’ve been struggling to be at ease with my injury, and its implications for an upcoming Alaska expedition, it was nice to come across some writing from my first real mountain climbing experience (an attempt on Haba Shan, in the Yunnan province of China) — to remind me what it’s all about!

November 1st, 2015 ~7:00 PM

Feel like this entire trip has been one chain of firsts. Here I lie at my first high camp bivy (~4100 m) getting ready for the Haba Baba summit push tomorrow. Have a lot of thoughts and emotions running through my mind. Mostly excited to finally begin the realization of my alpine dreams, and nervous for the same reason. Couldn’t say the last time I’ve been up this high, if ever. It was unlikely that we even made it here in the first place — so many variables coming together and fitting into place. No expectations for tomorrow. Be safe, learn as much as I can from Brian, and enjoy being on an expedition up a Chinese mountain! My path, my passion, my universe are all starting to come together. I feel myself slowly beginning my alignment with the cosmos, getting closer to my humanity and understanding of my place within it all. I feel the funky beat of my heart within my chest. Not sure what it is trying to tell me, but think it means relax. Embrace. Experience. Be.